Big Cheese Forum

It’s that time of year again…Its BIG CHEESE FORUM!!

Not that kind of big cheese!

What is Big Cheese Forum you may ask? Big Cheese Forum is a meeting that happens once a year where the student body offers an invitation to various department heads to answer our burning questions about issues concerning the campus and the student body. This can be anything from health insurance to dorm renovations to changes in the meal plan.

There were a plethora of topics being discussed tonight, but the two hot topics were the obvious renovations on campus and Perry House.

One question that definitely struck a cord, especially with President McAuliffe, was the language that was used to discuss Perry House. Though I haven’t actually had the chance to experience what Perry House has to offer I have had many friends tell me in great detail what this house means to the campus. In order to regain a positive attitude towards this discussion I personally believe that it is necessary to bring in the opinion of all affinity groups on campus. With added support I think the administration will begin to turn a negative attitude to a positive one.

Another was insurance policy for the school. According to some students while undergoing a common doctor appointment they were given unwanted pregnancy tests. Dr. Kerr was present and able to answer with a shocked response. If anyone has experienced this she asks that you contact her or the health center advisory board.

Then finally the rumors of reopening Rhoads Dining Hall are false. The dining hall will not be open due to the renovations of Haffner Dorm and Dining hall in the upcoming summer.

Jmac’s closing statements to the annual cheese forum were positive comments on sga and kudos the students gathering together to show how important this campus is to us.

…On another note happy peppero day!

To be continued…