Aca-scuse me!?!

** Correction: The original article mislabeled 2 of the acapella groups. They have been restored to the correct description**

With a freezing wind chill, dash of snow, and the madness of shopping week I offer a large and grand WELCOME BACK. After a nice long break I have to say I am so happy to be back at Bryn Mawr. Seeing all my friends from abroad reminds me how much I missed my Mawrter family. I will be posting about my winter shenanigans in a later post, but for now I want to warm everyone up with a little adventure I had last night.

In lieu of the the end of shopping week the acapella groups on campus and in the Bi-Co held a Welcome Back performance last night. It was Aca-mazing to say the least. The Campus Center was packed with eager ears waiting to hear the sweet sounds of the beatboxing and melodic voices. Here is a breakdown of the performances:

Counterpoint– Made up of Bryn Mawr and Haverford students this group sings all types of genres from Top 40 hits to folk songs primarily in jazz, rock, gospel, soul, and R&B.

Chaverim-a tri-college, co-ed a cappella group that sings songs from many countries, including traditional folk songs, rock and popular music, and original compositions while bringing in various music from different cultures in the community.

Acabellas –Compiled of Bryn Mawr students this group sings a wide range of song, from 80′s pop to indie rock.

Lavender’s Blue– A Bryn Mawr acapella group that dedicates their melodic voices to song of the oldies.

Extreme Keys– Originally known as the Suburban Squares when they were founded in 1981, Extreme Keys is a Bi-Co all-female acapella goup known for their “Extreme, electric energy” and sing songs ranging from 70′s and disco to their current song list which is mostly Indie/Pop.

The Night Owls-Founded in 1989 they are the official acapella group of Bryn Mawr College singing  various arrangments.

Unable to make to the performances, check out the newest installment of Bryn Mawr Adventure: Acapella Edition

To be continued…

P.S I also hope you caught on to my cheesy homage to Pitch Perfect ; )

2 thoughts on “Aca-scuse me!?!

  1. Hey! I think you seem to have switched the labels for the Acabellas and Lavender’s Blue. You had some LB alums having mini-heart attacks that the group was no longer sticking with oldies! lol.

    • I’m super sorry about the mix up. I re-uploaded the correct descriptions in the article and the video. Thanks for reading!

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