Weekend (Wedding) Adventures

This past week was definitely lack luster in comparison to the weekend I just had.

After snagging a W from our soccer game on Friday I jetted back home to sunny southern california for a super quick 24 hour stay. Now it wasnt for a home sick getaway, but for my cousin’s wedding!

Now if there is one thing my family can do is definitely throw a party or two. From the ceremony to the after party there was love everywhere.

(Left to Right: My middle sister Tiffany as a beautiful bridesmaid, The exchanging of the vows between my cousin Nathan and his bride Destiny, Finally husband and wife!)

Besides the celebration and champagne toasts, makeup and fall fashion were in full swing. I was even able to swap fashion tips and tricks with my brother’s wife, Sam, who directed me to possibly the greatest clothing website ever since my discovery of modcloth.

And it would not have been a killer wedding without some wedding crashers am I right? Now its time to wash out the hairspray, fling off the pumps, and get back to class!

To be continued…