Bryn Mawr was attacked by the most vicious and terrible of all monsters this week… ICE.


No, not that type of ice.

 When Punxsuntawney Phil blessed the wonderful east coast with six more weeks of winter I was just as pleased as the the next person. I mean what other Southern California native wouldn’t pleased to continue the marathon of temperatures below 20 degrees? ( I really hope you can detect my sarcasm).

During the welcoming of more winter Mother Nature attacked Bryn Mawr with snow and ice storms toppling over trees, knocking out power lines, and best of all canceling class for about a week. (YIKES.) In lieu of the snow storm, and the ice storm that followed, my friends and I decided to label our hardship #BMCblackout. Through our “witty” banter we depicted the epitome first world problems and tech-addicted college kids going through Wi-Fi cleanse. If you want to see some of the destruction and dangers check out my fabulous photos below.

IMG_0048      IMG_0051


IMG_0056         IMG_0058

But beyond all the humor I really do want to give a big thanks to all of people with Facilities, Dining Services, and Public Safety for doing their best to try and keep the campus up and running and above all safe for the students.

Stay warm!

To be continued…


30 Days of Bikram Yoga

“Reach down behind you and get a good grip on those heels. Touch your forehead below your knees letting it rest on your shins. Engage your quads, really ENGAGE them.”

I listen to my instructor trying to blink the sweat out of my eye and breath at the same time. Bent at the hips, my quads burning, and hands gripping the hell out of my heels while looking at the puddle of sweat on the floor I keep thinking, to myself “Breathe. Don’t forget to breathe.” And finally, when I hear that joyous clap to release my body from the pose I take a deep, calming breath.This is Bikram Yoga.

Bikram yoga, or hot yoga, is the new craze that is sweeping the nation. 26 poses set at a lovely 105 degrees with a 70% humidity for 90 minutes is said to be one of the most challenging and healthy yoga you can do. So in order to prep for Bryn Mawr Soccer Pre-season I decided to add some good hot yoga to help me limber up. Oh, was I in for a treat.


Basic example of the 26 poses. Looks easy right?

I was first introduced to this yoga when my sister dragged me to a class in Hawaii over the summer two years ago. “You’ll love it,” she said. Of course who wouldn’t love yoga with a view overlooking the beaches? She just forgot to mention the heat and the contortion. I stopped going with her after that class. However, after some time apart I decided I should give it another chance and help prevent some reoccurring pulled muscles and such. This time I truly have fallen in love.

After my intro week I have taken on the oh-so-popular 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge; 30 days, 30 classes, and plenty of sweat. Let’s see what this yoga really has to offer!

To be continued…

TL;DR: Started the 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge. Wish me luck!



Poppin’ Tags

I must come clean… I am a thrift shop-aholic. The musty smell of old clothing and costume jewelry call to me like Sirens from the Odyssey.

It all started when my sister and her best friend became obsessed with Rockabilly/ Rockabetty style. This is basically when modern punk collides with 50’s greaser/sosh fashion to produce a beautiful creation known as Rockabilly fashion. It can also be similar to Pinup Fashion. Honestly it’s a beautiful creation. (see pictures below)


Cherry Dollface- She is a pinup model and fashion guru. Check out her youtube page! bit.ly/nAiPRI

Our family friend's wife Sam. Totally my fashion icon!

Our family friend’s wife Sam. Totally my fashion icon!

When I was younger I wasn’t so confident as to really embody this look, so I kept my secret passion of rockabetty style to myself. However, I was beckoned back to those thrift stores when Karina, my roommate, and I needed something to do on the weekend. We decided to take a trip down to the Pennywise Thrift Shop in Ardmore. And so my romance with thrift shops was rekindled with a pair of red Mary Janes!

This summer like a moth to the flame I am drawn to the many thrift stores and second hand shops that are so delicately sprinkled along the mainline and throughout Philly. So far I have acquired many new circle skirts, a new silk party dress,a few head scarfs and minor accessories to pull any outfit together! My collection seems to be growing by the minute. I mean, you just can’t beat a thrift shop price tag. An as my collection grows so has my confidence to strut around in my “new look”.


My sister April and me at the WAWA 4th of July festival!

Time to dust off my saddle shoes and bust a move to some Mad Marge and The Stonecutters. If you need me I’ll be at the Thrift Shop.

To be continued…

TL;DR: I love thrift shops! They help build my rockabetty fashion collection!   

Family Reunions and Dance Parties

Last week I traveled back home to SoCal to attend my family’s version of a reunion, also known as, our annual family camping trip! Each year my entire family( about 50 of us) travel to Refugio State Park (near Santa Barbara) and camp for a week.

It was so much fun  to catch up with my cousins and even catch some rays. I definitely will not forget my sunscreen again after this trip! I even got some luck by narrowly missing our body burying tradition. Each year we pick someone to bury in the sand. Sort of like the Hunger Games only you’re dealing with sand…a lot of sand. And my cousin’s wife was chosen instead of me (yay!). Then with so many kids around we always have some kind of big family game time. Last year was a softball game, while this year was…. a water fight. I was able to get a before picture, but I had to put away my camera in order to keep it safe from the crossfire. My cousins ,my sisters, and I even managed to do a reprisal of our old Spice Girl routine from way back when. However, I will not be posting that due to the incriminating evidence of my awesome 90’s dance moves. The week was filled with other crazy hiking trips and bike rides, but sadly the week came to a close and it was time to finish the smores and roll up the mattresses and head back to Philly.

Its already been 5 days and  I’m still trying to wash the smell of campfire from my clothes! This is only one of the many adventures to come in the thick of summer. So until then check out the mini family album from the trip!


This could have been me!

Gorgeous view from the campsite

Gorgeous view from the campsite


My older sister April and nephew hanging out by the campfire


My other older sister Tiff and her puppies


My Grandpa with his great-granddaughter Emma


My nephew Aden playing at the beach



Before the water gun battle


Auntie Tiff and Logan


Mini Family portrait with my two older sisters and my mom and dad for Father’s Day (wearing my fav tshirt lol)

To be continued…

TL;DR: Just got back from my family vacation in SoCal and it was AWESOME. Check out the pics.

The Adventures of….Wait a minute

Exams have been taken, books have been returned, and the last words have been written…at least for now. In other words- SUMMER HAS BEGUN!

My first post of the summer was going to be the first installment of “The Apartment Adventures of Karina and Lindsey”, but that came to a screeching halt when the inevitable happened. I studied too hard. But before I get carried away let me preface this story.

Coming up in about two weeks is my 6 month anniversary post-op from ACL reconstruction surgery. This a very big deal in that 1) Holy Crap its been 6 months and 2) it means I am out of woods for any severe or extreme danger of re-tearing/re-injuring my ACL. However, during finals week I had slipped while writing on a chalk board causing a large POP sound to radiate from my knee. Not something you really want to hear. Long story short it swelled up really bad and a quick 911 visit to Terry to eleviate some stress from my melt-down ended up in a call to my post-op surgeon in Havertown. After waiting a  week I saw the doctor only to have him tell me that I have re-torn at least 1/3 of my ACL! After a teary phone call to my mother (its amazing how a call to your mom can make you feel better) I was on the next flight to California to see my original surgeon. I knew if my senior season was going to be over I wanted to hear it from him. So, I gave Karina the keys to my car as she dropped me off at the airport, waved goodbye, and I was on my way to…Las Vegas?

Since we had to find such an immediate flight the cheapest and quickest flight out of Philadelphia was to Las Vegas, Nevada. Luckily this is only a 4 hour drive from my house and one that my older sister Tiffany frequently drives throughout the summer. But I was in no mood for Sin City or a fruity cocktail in a smokey casino. Unluckily for me my older sisters were and being the youngest I have no say. So after a 5 hour flight I jumped in a cab and headed for the MGM Grand Hotel. Starving we headed to an awesome little mexican food place down on miracle mile. I was even persuaded to gamble a little at the expense of my sisters and won 5 dollars! We left before we got carried away and had a sing along.

I finally saw got home and saw the doctor. I was scheduled for an MRI and then played the waiting game. My mom and stopped off at Bob’s Big Boy for our breakfast (its tradition). While we waited for our french toast I decided to make a promise/plea bargain. I looked up and whispered to the Big Guy/Whispy Ghost Being/Master of the Universe/Genie if my ACL is still in tact and I can play in the fall I promise I will train as close to a Division 1 athlete as I can, write that article to the New York Times like my mom wants me too, and finish my grant applications by July. Now I don’t know if it was fate or just impeccable timing, but after I whispered my plea my mom got a phone call that there was an open MRI appointment. After that appointment my fate was sealed.

I have since returned to Philly with an intact ACL and little bit of tendonitis. Sitting in the campus center as I write this blog post watching the many Alumna celebrate their reunions from their 5th to their 65th I’m glad I made my little whisper. I guess that is the life of a Mawrter. Sure there are scuffles or bumps in the road, but no matter, you always make it back home.

To be continued….

TL;DR: Before the summer even began I had to go home due to a possible re-torn ACL. After some adventures it ended up being okay and I’m back in Philly to wreak some havock with Karina =)


Change of Plans

In order to spice up our lives my friend Karina and I thought we would have a mid-week adventure courtesy of Campus Philly. Now for those who are unaware of this little gem, Campus Philly is a glorious website that caters to the needs of collegiate students and others  in the Philadelphia area that would like to spice up of their life or get a few discounts on social life necessities. Our social life necessity was an early screening of the box office hit Warm Bodies. (Did I mention it was a FREE early screening? #lovecampusphilly) I was super excited because I had just finished reading the book and ready to see the adaptation.

Zombies need love too <3

So after my class at UPenn (perks of the Bryn Mawr consortium) we decided to have a dining crusade by exploring Rittenhouse Square for a new cuisine, finally deciding on Continental, a restaurant and martini bar. After furiously scouring the 3 block radius for a parking space we were starved and ready to dive into the menu. Served in tapas style the menu ranged in all types of cuisine from asian flare to italian spin offs and lucky for us we stumbled in during restaurant week…hello meal deals!

Mesmerized by the overflowing table of ravioli, salmon platters, hummus dips, and a blonde brownie smothered in chocolate and butterscotch,  we realized the movie was about to start in 20 minutes! We hurriedly paid the check sprinted (well Karina did, me and my recovering knee speed walked) to the theater, thankfully it was only 3 blocks away. Sadly we arrived only to realize our dreams of a free early screening were crushed by the long line of other free ticket holders. We rushed to the back and our wait wasn’t long as less than 5 minutes later we were told the screening was full. So, instead of trudging back to car with sorrow filled sobs we wandered around the city exploring the neighborhood, nightlife, and stalking other theaters for future adventures.

Though it didn’t end up as spicy as we thought it would be, our mid-week adventure ended in twisted turn of events that landed us in the position to notice the quiet beauty of Philly neighborhoods and city streets. Not all adventures need to be adrenaline pumping and luxurious outings. Sometimes the best adventure is a walk in city.

To be continued…

BIGBANG in New Jersey!

On November 9th I attended a historic moment in Kpop history. BIGBANG , my favorite all boy group, made their American concert debut.**insert minor fan-girl outburst**…Phew… Now that we are past that let’s dive into the good stuff.

It all began on a beautiful Friday afternoon when me and my girl Emily made the trip to the great city of Newark, New Jersey to meet our other friend Lizzy and attend history. Prepared with a bangin’ playlist of Kpop, cash for merchandise, and enough jitters and enthusiasm one can only have with a concert road trip, we were about to blaze a trail of greatness. Unfortunately our trail of greatness ended up getting stuck in gridlock for 4 and a 1/2  hours. HOWEVER, this did not deter us from having some of the most outrageous and complex conversations about the wonderful genre of Korean Pop. Ranging from what bands we love, dissecting the Korean music industry, exploring other genres, and the most complex of all…who is the hottest of course!

It was a unanimous vote for BIGBANG rapper TOP (above)

Finally after exhausting all conversation topics and a half tank of gas we finally made it to the Prudential Center. Sure we made it to the arena, but we still had the issue of my car. We weren’t able to get the permit to park in the attached structure, but there was a secure lot perfectly located across the street. As I was fumbling with my keys a deep voice that could not possibly belong to Emily came out of the darkness. It was none other than **dun dun dun** a scalper, who I’m pretty sure skimmed a few years of my life. But a concert isn’t a concert unless there are sketchy people in parking lots trying hawk fake merch and tickets. We quickly shooed him away to meet our date with destiny.

Walking into the arena we were quickly thrown into the masses trying to get as much merchandise as possible, including us. I took a quick glance around the lobby to see the different fans and before I knew it I was next in line then dragged to escalators. We finally made it to our seats which anyone  can see are obvious nose bleeders, but in the end they ended being some of the best seats in the house.

From the top the wave of the yellow VIP light sticks turned into a sea of light that moved to and fro with the beat of the music. And the funny part was that the concert hadn’t even started yet.

Me and Emily before the concert started

Now when I first started this post I thought I was going to do an all out play-by-play of hands down one of the best concerts I have had the pleasure of attending. But sadly, there are not enough words to accurately describe that night. The moment the giant stage banner dropped to reveal BIGBANG every fan’s dream was made into a reality. It is not just the idea of seeing attractive 20-somethings serenade you for 3 hours on a Friday night. For a majority of the fans in the arena, including myself, the only way to see this band was to watch videos on Youtube or listen to an mp3 player. The idea of having a Korean artist from any genre perform on American soil was unfathomable, let alone sell out 2 arenas like the Honda Center and the Prudential Center then have to add a second date for each show. With the help of the Hallyu movement and the growing popularity of these musicians through the internet and music festivals like Southern California’s annual Korean Music Festival (which just celebrated its 10th anniversary this year)and the addition of Billboard’s Kpop Hot 100, BIGBANG was able to finally meet their American fans.

They even let the crowd sing a majority of their smash hit Haru Haru

It wasn’t until the middle of BIGBANG’s set that it hit me. As I looked around the arena I saw fans of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. I saw some fans who have listened to Kpop their whole lives and those who had just heard about it because of Gangnam Style. And I even saw amazing parents who were kind enough to bring their child to the show while they quietly sat with earplugs. I am so grateful that I was able to see so many people join together not only see their favorite band play, but also share a piece of themselves with fellow fans who have calmly waited for this moment to arrive.

VIPs Unite!

Who knew Stupid Liar and Monster had such a profund effect. I can’t wait for the next one.

To be continued…


Survival of a Frankenstorm aka Hurricane Sandy

In the past 72 hours the Bryn Mawr Community has banded together to survive the Hurricane Sandy.

As a West Coaster I’m used to the average earthquake, wind and thunderstorm, and even a brush fire here and there. But the one thing I had yet to experience was a hurricane. After being sick earlier this month I had already stocked up on my cases of water, Gatorade and countless packs of snacks and canned goods. I was feeling pretty good about the whole “surviving the Frankenstorm” that people had dubbed Hurricane Sandy. It couldn’t be that bad right?

It seemed that my family had more fear about this than I did since I wasn’t watching the disaster updates on the Weather Channel. Apparently Atlantic City was now the new Atlantis and the East Coast was about to suffer the worst huricane/subtropical storm in history. You would think this would have students running for the hills (or at least the second floor), but the atmosphere in the dorms resembled a slumber party. From blow up mattresses to make-shift blanket beds these lovely ladies decided to combat Sandy’s 70mph winds and torrential downpour with flashlight clad dance parties and social circles.

On one hand the electrical fire on Morris Ave and sound of branches and trees breaking and thrashing against the windows were enough to scare anyone, yet on the other hand just open your door to the hallway filled with screams of laughter, gossip, and every non-electrical game a Bryn Mawr woman could think of. You had to think ” Why is everyone freaking out?” And after a night of, possibly, some of the best sleep I have had in a while I awoke to a simply cloudy day.

Finally I want to give a big hand to the Bryn Mawr College Staff for keeping the campus and students safe from Sandy’s wrath. Without you it would not have been such a calm atmosphere (especially for this first timer). I also hope those more heavily effected by the storm are doing okay and staying safe.

To be continued…



Weekend (Wedding) Adventures

This past week was definitely lack luster in comparison to the weekend I just had.

After snagging a W from our soccer game on Friday I jetted back home to sunny southern california for a super quick 24 hour stay. Now it wasnt for a home sick getaway, but for my cousin’s wedding!

Now if there is one thing my family can do is definitely throw a party or two. From the ceremony to the after party there was love everywhere.

(Left to Right: My middle sister Tiffany as a beautiful bridesmaid, The exchanging of the vows between my cousin Nathan and his bride Destiny, Finally husband and wife!)

Besides the celebration and champagne toasts, makeup and fall fashion were in full swing. I was even able to swap fashion tips and tricks with my brother’s wife, Sam, who directed me to possibly the greatest clothing website ever since my discovery of modcloth.

And it would not have been a killer wedding without some wedding crashers am I right? Now its time to wash out the hairspray, fling off the pumps, and get back to class!

To be continued…