Long Time No See

Hello Internet Friends!

I apologize for such a long absence, but it is not without purpose I assure you. So far senior year has been a definite whirlwind. From thesising to soccer to event planning for the fabulous class of2014, a lot of my time has been spent in the depths of the library or in the campus center keeping things under control while nursing my coffee addiction.

In order to blow off some steam I have been working on videos to beef up my vlogging side, so be on the look out for my YouTube account for new videos. And do not fret despite my blogging absence new posts will be coming this week. Some include taking a trip down memory lane, my love of soccer, English major shenanigans, and even Plenary! I hope to get most of these published by Friday, so be on the look out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

To be continued…


Pictures from The Women in Public Service Institute

I just realized I had written about the Women in Public Service Project and had carelessly forgotten to post pictures. The horror on my face when I realized this atrocity was surely one for the record books. However, despite my mistake here are some of the photos from such an amazing event on Bryn Mawr’s Campus. 


Interim President Kim Cassidy


None other than the one…the only… Former Secretary Hilary Rodham Clinton!!


Former Secretary Hillary Clinton and the many WPSP Delegates




The reception in The Cloisters



Karina Siu ’14 and Vrinda Varia ’13


Karina Siu ’14 with WPSP Delegate AnaLu Alveno



Zoe Fisher ’15 and Alexis De La Rosa ’16


Me, Coach Erin DeMarco, and Karina Siu enjoying the reception

First Day of School

Yesterday was my last first day of my undergraduate career. WOW! Is it weird that I still oddly feel like a Freshman? In order to commemorate the day I decided to stalk some of my friends and capture the iconic “First Day of School” Outfit.


Karina Siu ’14 looking super excited while packing her backpack.


Helena VanOudenallen ’16 and Allegra Levy ’16 going for the classic shorts and t-shirt.


Ellie Frye ’14 and Maddy French ’14 flashing their million dollar smiles.


Freshman Maya Ulin-O’keefe outside of Rock heading to convocation.

After playing paparazzi I had to return my role as Co-President with Jancy Munguia to help set up for Convocation. The wonderful seniors of 2014 picked up their batrobes and lined up ready to march to the steady rhythms of bag pipes. We heard inspirational talks from Interim President Kim Cassidy, graduate students, faculty, and even one of our own from 2014! (Check out the pictures below)



When did become such a regal senior?!












Even with a pretty crazy course load and tons of extracurriculars I am super excited to start my adventure as a senior, but I’ve spent enough time on the computer. It’s time to hit the books and get prepped for soccer’s big tournament in Boston this weekend. Who’s up for a bus ride blog post?

To be continued…