On a lighter note from the previous shenanigans I wanted to say a quick update. With my new leaf of productiveness and accountability I will be posting throughout the summer! Topics will include: The Apartment Adventures of Karina and Lindsey, Food: is that even edible?, and of course KPOP tons and tons of KPOP! Keep an eye out and Good Luck with Finals!!!


To be continued…

Oppa Gangnam Style! Kpop pt.1


Story of my life!

If you have listened to the radio, looked on Youtube, downloaded a song off iTunes, or basically participated in social society, you have heard the phrase “Oppa Gangnam Style”. Now you may also be wondering …What exactly is Kpop? and Who is this guy?

First things first, as previously stated, Kpop is a genre of pop/rap/hip-hop style of music generating from South Korea. The genre involves various artists from solo artists, like Rain,to large boy and girl bands, like Super Junior and Girl’s Generation.  Another one of those solo artist happens to be PSY the genius man behind the #1 hit “Gangnam Style“. The first time I heard this song I fell in love as usual. Why, you may ask? Well it’s because… I LOVE KPOP.  I could seriously go on for hours about the countless reasons as to why I am truly amazed with this specific genre of music,however, let’s keep it short sweet and to the point.

The reason why this song is amazing (I mean besides the obvious lol) is this song is the first song performed in the Korean language to fully cross over in the US music scene. Granted there have been previous Korean artists  for the past decade that have tried to cross over like Rain, Shinwa (a 90’s boy band similar to N’SYNC and Backstreet Boys) and The WonderGirls (a girl group that toured with the Jonas Brothers on their 2009 tour), but most of these bands were only able to grasp a small following. In the past 2 years Kpop has grown to grab the attention of multiple US artist, record labels and even Billboard Music Charts, which introduced the Kpop Hot 100  in the fall of last year.

Due to these surges in the Kpop following, a plethora of Kpop artists from U-Kiss, SHINee, Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, and BIGBANG are beginning to tour the US more often spreading the joyous sounds of international music and hopefully cross over into the US Mainstream! **panting out of breath from so much excitement** And thankfully, due to my awesome stalking capabilities, myself and two other lovely ladies are going to witness this momentous occasion when BIGBANG makes their American Debut in their ALIVE Tour this coming November.

This is too much Kpop for one post to handle, so as usual…

To be continued…


Thoughts on Procrastination…

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon, midterms are literally around the corner, and the fall chill has finally hit. I am so not ready for this kind of anarchy. So, in order to combat the urges to cuddle in my warm blankets, wrap myself in my infinity scarf, and…gasp…wear my UGG boots, I have decided to focus on my perilous ways of procrastination.

As I sit pounding away at my keyboard in the depths of Canaday Library I have narrowed my list of various ways of procrastination to a list that I call “Five Fab Ways to Lead to Production Failure”.

5. Pinterest

Now talk about a serious addiction to an infinite scroll. If there is one thing that could make me want to plan a wedding, start a bakery, and become Martha Stewart’s new protege it is this website.

What exactly is Pinterest?

4. Tumblr

Now I have yet to officially understand the inner workings of tumblr, however, this does not keep me from exploring the most entertaining gifs (moving pictures) known to man. My favorite tumblr pages by far have to include Great Day To Be An Athlete; a glorious depiction of a student athlete’s life (another one is College Student Athlete),  What Should Betches Call Me; a comical splash of sarcasm and reality, and What Should BMC Call Me; a hilarious compilation of what a Mawrtyr’s life is. Hands down number one thing to make me laugh till I cry.

3. Youtube

Youtube is a vast space of aspiring musicians, fail videos, and if you have explored it one late night the “weird-side” of Youtube (you know what I’m talking about). From my favorite clips of The Big Bang Theory to a partial documentary about a man with tree feet there is always something new to learn from here…or be seriously weirded out by.

2. Writing

Including but not limited to: Creative Writing, Tweeting, Blogging, Journaling, Doodling, and Taking notes half asleep then admiring the transition from good to bad to worse =).

And finally my number one form of procrastination..

1. Korean Pop

Or more commonly known as KPOP, is a genre of music from South Korea. Due to the Hallyu movement  and the help of some  Gangnam Style Kpop has taken the US by storm. This is such a giant form of procrastination I am dedicating my next post entirely to explaining the greatness that is KPOP.  Until then please enjoy this link and prepare yourself.

Crap I still have homework don’t I?

True Story

To be continued…