Survival of a Frankenstorm aka Hurricane Sandy

In the past 72 hours the Bryn Mawr Community has banded together to survive the Hurricane Sandy.

As a West Coaster I’m used to the average earthquake, wind and thunderstorm, and even a brush fire here and there. But the one thing I had yet to experience was a hurricane. After being sick earlier this month I had already stocked up on my cases of water, Gatorade and countless packs of snacks and canned goods. I was feeling pretty good about the whole “surviving the Frankenstorm” that people had dubbed Hurricane Sandy. It couldn’t be that bad right?

It seemed that my family had more fear about this than I did since I wasn’t watching the disaster updates on the Weather Channel. Apparently Atlantic City was now the new Atlantis and the East Coast was about to suffer the worst huricane/subtropical storm in history. You would think this would have students running for the hills (or at least the second floor), but the atmosphere in the dorms resembled a slumber party. From blow up mattresses to make-shift blanket beds these lovely ladies decided to combat Sandy’s 70mph winds and torrential downpour with flashlight clad dance parties and social circles.

On one hand the electrical fire on Morris Ave and sound of branches and trees breaking and thrashing against the windows were enough to scare anyone, yet on the other hand just open your door to the hallway filled with screams of laughter, gossip, and every non-electrical game a Bryn Mawr woman could think of. You had to think ” Why is everyone freaking out?” And after a night of, possibly, some of the best sleep I have had in a while I awoke to a simply cloudy day.

Finally I want to give a big hand to the Bryn Mawr College Staff for keeping the campus and students safe from Sandy’s wrath. Without you it would not have been such a calm atmosphere (especially for this first timer). I also hope those more heavily effected by the storm are doing okay and staying safe.

To be continued…