What’s the W.O.P?

Scrolling through my music, which is a hard task in itself (God only knows what random stuff you’ll find), my friends come across my W.O.P playlist. “What’s The W.O.P?” They ask with such wonder. “The W.O.P,” I reply with glee, “is my Work Out Playlist.” I  found it too difficult to write out work out playlist if I’m on the move so I shortened it to The W.O. P.

As an athlete choosing what goes into a W.O.P is very tedious…Okay not really, but it definitely is important what gets chosen to get me through my hour plus workouts. Whether its a circuit workout with Courtney, physical therapy, or the long trek on a treadmill or track I need something with enough power and endurance to prep and push me through the hard parts. I first breakdown the playlist into four fabulous sections, The Warmup, The Starters, The Pick-Me-Ups, and The Power Finish.

The Warmup– Something smooth and upbeat to get you in the mood. You can’t just start a work out all willy nilly.

Shall We Dance– Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr  (Legs meet treadmill, arms meet bench press)

Holding onto YouHouse of Gold– twenty one pilots (mood determines which song plays)

The Starters– Here is where you start to pick up speed. Drop that Bass!

Acapella– Karmin

Work– Iggy Azalea

The Pickme Ups– You’re now in the thick of it. Sweat is dripping off your face, your legs are cramping, you may or may not be able to smell yourself by now (yummy). Here are the ones that keep you going.

Still Alive– BIGBANG (the title says it all)

Till I Collapse– Eminem

This is Gospel– Panic! At The Disco

The Power Finish– Only 5 more minutes left you gotta go big or go home. These are the final two jams to get you through your sprinting finish.

Clarity– Zedd

Trouble– Neon Jungle

You’ve gotten a sneak peak at my work out playlist. What would you put on your W.O.P?

To be continued…