Singing…I mean…Sitting in the Rain

As everyone is gearing up for the holiday season there is a thick layer of anxiety and stress that comes along with it. I am definitely the first one to scream “AHHH I’m so stressed!” at the top of my lungs come December (or any month for that matter). Finals, packing to go home, shopping for presents, and airport security are enough to make my head explode. However, in the midst of the study sessions and crammed shopping malls there is one thing that can make me stop for a second and breath. That beautiful thing is the rain.

After running around doing errands and shopping for a class tea in between my countless study sessions and meetings I parked my car outside of Denbeigh. I turned off the ignition and before I grabbed my bag to leave I stopped and listened. The mystic combination of rain water on metal sent chills up my spine. Not the creepy “great, I’m gonna die right now” chills , but the “oooh that’s good” kind of chills. I ended up sitting quietly in my car for about 30 minutes…just …listening. If it hadn’t had been for a friend of mine texting me to remind me to pick up my other friend from the airport I probably would have sat there all day.

Having the time to sit and think made me want to remind everyone that in this time of “ugh”s and “FML”s make some time to just sit and listen to Mother Nature at her best. And if you are in a part of the world lacking rain please click and enjoy.

To be continued…