Bryn Mawr was attacked by the most vicious and terrible of all monsters this week… ICE.


No, not that type of ice.

 When Punxsuntawney Phil blessed the wonderful east coast with six more weeks of winter I was just as pleased as the the next person. I mean what other Southern California native wouldn’t pleased to continue the marathon of temperatures below 20 degrees? ( I really hope you can detect my sarcasm).

During the welcoming of more winter Mother Nature attacked Bryn Mawr with snow and ice storms toppling over trees, knocking out power lines, and best of all canceling class for about a week. (YIKES.) In lieu of the snow storm, and the ice storm that followed, my friends and I decided to label our hardship #BMCblackout. Through our “witty” banter we depicted the epitome first world problems and tech-addicted college kids going through Wi-Fi cleanse. If you want to see some of the destruction and dangers check out my fabulous photos below.

IMG_0048      IMG_0051


IMG_0056         IMG_0058

But beyond all the humor I really do want to give a big thanks to all of people with Facilities, Dining Services, and Public Safety for doing their best to try and keep the campus up and running and above all safe for the students.

Stay warm!

To be continued…


Plenary, Firsts, and Computer Malfunctions

Hello There!

First things first, here are the videos I had promised earlier along:

Bryn Mawr College Firsts

Why Do You Like Plenary

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them!

Next is an explanation with why they have taken so long. The Sunday before Fall Break my computer decided it needed a little break from working so hard. In the middle of finishing the videos, blog posts, and midterm papers my darling computer froze, shut off, then proceeded to show me a white screen with a gray Apple logo. **Insert dramatic theme music**.  Normally I would have evaded the unsettling emotion of panic about my now possibly lost work. However, I was in the midst of ordering a new external hard drive when this glorious event happened, so I was now overwhelmed with the unsettling feeling that my midterms and other work were no longer in existence. Thankfully, with the help of some wonderful tech people, my computer and its work were restored! If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen my excitement.

This brings me to my next point- the steps needed to save your technological life so you don’t end up like me (freaking out that your life is over).

1. If you do not own an external hard drive already upload important documents onto an internet hard drive like a Google drive.

Signing up for an account is free and you can save and share as many documents as you want!

2. Purchase an external hard drive (or multiple).

I currently own two, but I am also into the works of ordering a third. These things have saved my life in more ways than I can count. I personally love the G-Technology drives.

G-Technology-G-Drive-Slim-Portable-Hard-Drive-1 gtech-750gb-hard-drive-g-drive-quad

You can find and purchase reasonably priced ones on Amazon, but really any external hard drive will work.

3.  Start transferring your documents… and consistently doing so from here on out. 

This could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours depending on how much work you want to transfer. My first hard drive download took about 2 days to download and organize my files. I cannot say this enough, REALLY take time to sit down and organize your files this will help you in the long run. Especially because you should be backing up your computer every few weeks or at least every other month.

So, that is the end of my spiel. I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!

To be continued…

Long Time No See

Hello Internet Friends!

I apologize for such a long absence, but it is not without purpose I assure you. So far senior year has been a definite whirlwind. From thesising to soccer to event planning for the fabulous class of2014, a lot of my time has been spent in the depths of the library or in the campus center keeping things under control while nursing my coffee addiction.

In order to blow off some steam I have been working on videos to beef up my vlogging side, so be on the look out for my YouTube account for new videos. And do not fret despite my blogging absence new posts will be coming this week. Some include taking a trip down memory lane, my love of soccer, English major shenanigans, and even Plenary! I hope to get most of these published by Friday, so be on the look out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

To be continued…


First Day of School

Yesterday was my last first day of my undergraduate career. WOW! Is it weird that I still oddly feel like a Freshman? In order to commemorate the day I decided to stalk some of my friends and capture the iconic “First Day of School” Outfit.


Karina Siu ’14 looking super excited while packing her backpack.


Helena VanOudenallen ’16 and Allegra Levy ’16 going for the classic shorts and t-shirt.


Ellie Frye ’14 and Maddy French ’14 flashing their million dollar smiles.


Freshman Maya Ulin-O’keefe outside of Rock heading to convocation.

After playing paparazzi I had to return my role as Co-President with Jancy Munguia to help set up for Convocation. The wonderful seniors of 2014 picked up their batrobes and lined up ready to march to the steady rhythms of bag pipes. We heard inspirational talks from Interim President Kim Cassidy, graduate students, faculty, and even one of our own from 2014! (Check out the pictures below)



When did become such a regal senior?!












Even with a pretty crazy course load and tons of extracurriculars I am super excited to start my adventure as a senior, but I’ve spent enough time on the computer. It’s time to hit the books and get prepped for soccer’s big tournament in Boston this weekend. Who’s up for a bus ride blog post?

To be continued…

Bikram and Hillary

It’s been 11 days since Hillary Rodham Clinton gave her address to the Women in Public Serve Project Institute. After waiting in the stand-by line for two hours I was able to snag a seat and listen to her speech about women empowerment. It has been 10 days since I’ve started practicing Bikram Yoga. After today’s class I have realized what these two have in common.

For the past 10 days I wake up at 6:30am to drive to my 7am yoga class. I sign in, drop my bag off at the locker room, and brace myself for the hot and humid studio. Every day I sit in the back corner of the class and try not to embarrass or injure myself with any of the poses. Mid-class I stared at the clock during each pose trying to grip my slipping hands together. Practicing alongside calm and collected yogi pros while you flail around is enough to make you feel inadequate. Falling out of half the poses I began to think about things outside of class, basically a giant anti-meditation session, triggering a quarter-life crisis.

During the savasana pose, lying flat on your back facing the back wall, I saw for the first time that there were 6 words painted on the back wall. Looking up at the wall, the words Faith and Determination we staring back at me. In the midst of my quarter life crisis I cracked a smile. Faith and Determination. Two of the most cliché words for a person to hear, but at a moment like this one two very necessary ones.

They reminded me of Hillary Clinton’s Address in Thomas Great Hall. She said two things that really resonated with me. By participating in the institute she stated that ,”we lay down a marker that in a world of injustice we can do better.” Throughout her talk she discussed the ideas of passion and perseverance in becoming a true leader and what the word actually means. In order to obtain these goals that she has envisioned for the various women in leaders in the room that day it is necessary to keep faith  and determination in these projects despite the endless stream of uphill battles.”We need leaders who say no to business as usual.”

After thinking about her inspiring words and the words that kept giving me the eye on the back wall, I realized that 1. There are way bigger problems in the world than a bad 90 minute yoga session, and 2. If I just keep a lot of faith and determination I can do anything, including finish this session on a good note.

Bikram Yoga and Hillary Clinton gave me a great lesson that I just now have come to understand. In order to obtain goals, however small or large, you need to focus on becoming a better you rather than the experience or tradition of others. Once you have achieved that, the world is yours.

To be continued…

TL;DR: Faith and Determination are two things that Hillary Clinton and Bikram Yoga have in common. They can help you get through a yoga session or achieve World Domination!

Hell Week Blues

This week I have the Hell Week Blues and by blues I mean so much sister class pride! Today class of 2016 ended the week long journey to becoming official Mawrters! I dusted off my old Hell Week schedule last weekend to pass down some tasks to my grand-hellees and got me reminiscing about my first Hell Week. I have to say the biggest accomplishment was finishing the duck pond run and not getting thrown in.

Soccer Frosh getting their schedules last Wednesday

For some people unfamiliar to it,  the idea of Hell Week can get lost in the throws of musical skits, marriage proposals, and proclamations of crimes against the campus (I loved K-pop too much), and even the title, Hell Week.  For the prospective students, parents, and alumnae that may read this I have found that though the tasks and traditions have evolved with the changing times and student life, the meaning remains the same. There is a moment that some may notice, but other will miss, and it is the quick smile of an alumnae recalling a distant memory of their own Hell Week as if it were yesterday. Whether you are an even or an odd we are all a part of the same family that have passed out tickets to a fake concert, proposed to that one professor, and sang our hearts out to that one song that was popular that one time. If there is ever a time in which love for Bryn Mawr is at its highest I will have to say Hell Week takes the cake.

No matter how much time passes Hell Week will forever remain a week of bonding that connects with past and future Mawrters. The perfect example of this is when I heard a teammate of mine call her alumnae mom and wish her a Happy Hell Week. This week is about a history that we will continue. We will pass down these traditions to keep Bryn Mawr the unique college we know and love.

So, class of 2016 I tip my hat to you. Congratulations, Happy Reconciliation Day, and Welcome Home.

“Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always.” Dante Algihieri

To be continued…