Family Reunions and Dance Parties

Last week I traveled back home to SoCal to attend my family’s version of a reunion, also known as, our annual family camping trip! Each year my entire family( about 50 of us) travel to Refugio State Park (near Santa Barbara) and camp for a week.

It was so much fun  to catch up with my cousins and even catch some rays. I definitely will not forget my sunscreen again after this trip! I even got some luck by narrowly missing our body burying tradition. Each year we pick someone to bury in the sand. Sort of like the Hunger Games only you’re dealing with sand…a lot of sand. And my cousin’s wife was chosen instead of me (yay!). Then with so many kids around we always have some kind of big family game time. Last year was a softball game, while this year was…. a water fight. I was able to get a before picture, but I had to put away my camera in order to keep it safe from the crossfire. My cousins ,my sisters, and I even managed to do a reprisal of our old Spice Girl routine from way back when. However, I will not be posting that due to the incriminating evidence of my awesome 90’s dance moves. The week was filled with other crazy hiking trips and bike rides, but sadly the week came to a close and it was time to finish the smores and roll up the mattresses and head back to Philly.

Its already been 5 days and  I’m still trying to wash the smell of campfire from my clothes! This is only one of the many adventures to come in the thick of summer. So until then check out the mini family album from the trip!


This could have been me!

Gorgeous view from the campsite

Gorgeous view from the campsite


My older sister April and nephew hanging out by the campfire


My other older sister Tiff and her puppies


My Grandpa with his great-granddaughter Emma


My nephew Aden playing at the beach



Before the water gun battle


Auntie Tiff and Logan


Mini Family portrait with my two older sisters and my mom and dad for Father’s Day (wearing my fav tshirt lol)

To be continued…

TL;DR: Just got back from my family vacation in SoCal and it was AWESOME. Check out the pics.

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