The Adventures of….Wait a minute

Exams have been taken, books have been returned, and the last words have been written…at least for now. In other words- SUMMER HAS BEGUN!

My first post of the summer was going to be the first installment of “The Apartment Adventures of Karina and Lindsey”, but that came to a screeching halt when the inevitable happened. I studied too hard. But before I get carried away let me preface this story.

Coming up in about two weeks is my 6 month anniversary post-op from ACL reconstruction surgery. This a very big deal in that 1) Holy Crap its been 6 months and 2) it means I am out of woods for any severe or extreme danger of re-tearing/re-injuring my ACL. However, during finals week I had slipped while writing on a chalk board causing a large POP sound to radiate from my knee. Not something you really want to hear. Long story short it swelled up really bad and a quick 911 visit to Terry to eleviate some stress from my melt-down ended up in a call to my post-op surgeon in Havertown. After waiting a  week I saw the doctor only to have him tell me that I have re-torn at least 1/3 of my ACL! After a teary phone call to my mother (its amazing how a call to your mom can make you feel better) I was on the next flight to California to see my original surgeon. I knew if my senior season was going to be over I wanted to hear it from him. So, I gave Karina the keys to my car as she dropped me off at the airport, waved goodbye, and I was on my way to…Las Vegas?

Since we had to find such an immediate flight the cheapest and quickest flight out of Philadelphia was to Las Vegas, Nevada. Luckily this is only a 4 hour drive from my house and one that my older sister Tiffany frequently drives throughout the summer. But I was in no mood for Sin City or a fruity cocktail in a smokey casino. Unluckily for me my older sisters were and being the youngest I have no say. So after a 5 hour flight I jumped in a cab and headed for the MGM Grand Hotel. Starving we headed to an awesome little mexican food place down on miracle mile. I was even persuaded to gamble a little at the expense of my sisters and won 5 dollars! We left before we got carried away and had a sing along.

I finally saw got home and saw the doctor. I was scheduled for an MRI and then played the waiting game. My mom and stopped off at Bob’s Big Boy for our breakfast (its tradition). While we waited for our french toast I decided to make a promise/plea bargain. I looked up and whispered to the Big Guy/Whispy Ghost Being/Master of the Universe/Genie if my ACL is still in tact and I can play in the fall I promise I will train as close to a Division 1 athlete as I can, write that article to the New York Times like my mom wants me too, and finish my grant applications by July. Now I don’t know if it was fate or just impeccable timing, but after I whispered my plea my mom got a phone call that there was an open MRI appointment. After that appointment my fate was sealed.

I have since returned to Philly with an intact ACL and little bit of tendonitis. Sitting in the campus center as I write this blog post watching the many Alumna celebrate their reunions from their 5th to their 65th I’m glad I made my little whisper. I guess that is the life of a Mawrter. Sure there are scuffles or bumps in the road, but no matter, you always make it back home.

To be continued….

TL;DR: Before the summer even began I had to go home due to a possible re-torn ACL. After some adventures it ended up being okay and I’m back in Philly to wreak some havock with Karina =)