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I must come clean… I am a thrift shop-aholic. The musty smell of old clothing and costume jewelry call to me like Sirens from the Odyssey.

It all started when my sister and her best friend became obsessed with Rockabilly/ Rockabetty style. This is basically when modern punk collides with 50’s greaser/sosh fashion to produce a beautiful creation known as Rockabilly fashion. It can also be similar to Pinup Fashion. Honestly it’s a beautiful creation. (see pictures below)


Cherry Dollface- She is a pinup model and fashion guru. Check out her youtube page! bit.ly/nAiPRI

Our family friend's wife Sam. Totally my fashion icon!

Our family friend’s wife Sam. Totally my fashion icon!

When I was younger I wasn’t so confident as to really embody this look, so I kept my secret passion of rockabetty style to myself. However, I was beckoned back to those thrift stores when Karina, my roommate, and I needed something to do on the weekend. We decided to take a trip down to the Pennywise Thrift Shop in Ardmore. And so my romance with thrift shops was rekindled with a pair of red Mary Janes!

This summer like a moth to the flame I am drawn to the many thrift stores and second hand shops that are so delicately sprinkled along the mainline and throughout Philly. So far I have acquired many new circle skirts, a new silk party dress,a few head scarfs and minor accessories to pull any outfit together! My collection seems to be growing by the minute. I mean, you just can’t beat a thrift shop price tag. An as my collection grows so has my confidence to strut around in my “new look”.


My sister April and me at the WAWA 4th of July festival!

Time to dust off my saddle shoes and bust a move to some Mad Marge and The Stonecutters. If you need me I’ll be at the Thrift Shop.

To be continued…

TL;DR: I love thrift shops! They help build my rockabetty fashion collection!