Change of Plans

In order to spice up our lives my friend Karina and I thought we would have a mid-week adventure courtesy of Campus Philly. Now for those who are unaware of this little gem, Campus Philly is a glorious website that caters to the needs of collegiate students and others  in the Philadelphia area that would like to spice up of their life or get a few discounts on social life necessities. Our social life necessity was an early screening of the box office hit Warm Bodies. (Did I mention it was a FREE early screening? #lovecampusphilly) I was super excited because I had just finished reading the book and ready to see the adaptation.

Zombies need love too <3

So after my class at UPenn (perks of the Bryn Mawr consortium) we decided to have a dining crusade by exploring Rittenhouse Square for a new cuisine, finally deciding on Continental, a restaurant and martini bar. After furiously scouring the 3 block radius for a parking space we were starved and ready to dive into the menu. Served in tapas style the menu ranged in all types of cuisine from asian flare to italian spin offs and lucky for us we stumbled in during restaurant week…hello meal deals!

Mesmerized by the overflowing table of ravioli, salmon platters, hummus dips, and a blonde brownie smothered in chocolate and butterscotch,  we realized the movie was about to start in 20 minutes! We hurriedly paid the check sprinted (well Karina did, me and my recovering knee speed walked) to the theater, thankfully it was only 3 blocks away. Sadly we arrived only to realize our dreams of a free early screening were crushed by the long line of other free ticket holders. We rushed to the back and our wait wasn’t long as less than 5 minutes later we were told the screening was full. So, instead of trudging back to car with sorrow filled sobs we wandered around the city exploring the neighborhood, nightlife, and stalking other theaters for future adventures.

Though it didn’t end up as spicy as we thought it would be, our mid-week adventure ended in twisted turn of events that landed us in the position to notice the quiet beauty of Philly neighborhoods and city streets. Not all adventures need to be adrenaline pumping and luxurious outings. Sometimes the best adventure is a walk in city.

To be continued…