Oh Hey There

It’s fitting for my first post to come at the end of the first week, so here it comes. With so much excitement in the air, whether its the beginning of the athletic season or the freshmen’s first experience with traditions at Parade Night , I know that everyone has been SUPER EXCITED about being back at Bryn Mawr. I’ve missed all of my friends and teammates so much this summer and I’m glad to be back “home”.And now that class schedules are just about set in stone its just about that time to relax (or sprint to practice haha).

Soccer preseason was out of control with adventures and shenanigans so who knows what the season has in store for these Bryn Mawr Owls. Even though I’m writing this from another state waiting to step onto a rival field for a soccer game I can’t wait to be back on campus and begin more adventures than any Mawrtyr can imagine.

To be continued…