Hell Week Blues

This week I have the Hell Week Blues and by blues I mean so much sister class pride! Today class of 2016 ended the week long journey to becoming official Mawrters! I dusted off my old Hell Week schedule last weekend to pass down some tasks to my grand-hellees and got me reminiscing about my first Hell Week. I have to say the biggest accomplishment was finishing the duck pond run and not getting thrown in.

Soccer Frosh getting their schedules last Wednesday

For some people unfamiliar to it,  the idea of Hell Week can get lost in the throws of musical skits, marriage proposals, and proclamations of crimes against the campus (I loved K-pop too much), and even the title, Hell Week.  For the prospective students, parents, and alumnae that may read this I have found that though the tasks and traditions have evolved with the changing times and student life, the meaning remains the same. There is a moment that some may notice, but other will miss, and it is the quick smile of an alumnae recalling a distant memory of their own Hell Week as if it were yesterday. Whether you are an even or an odd we are all a part of the same family that have passed out tickets to a fake concert, proposed to that one professor, and sang our hearts out to that one song that was popular that one time. If there is ever a time in which love for Bryn Mawr is at its highest I will have to say Hell Week takes the cake.

No matter how much time passes Hell Week will forever remain a week of bonding that connects with past and future Mawrters. The perfect example of this is when I heard a teammate of mine call her alumnae mom and wish her a Happy Hell Week. This week is about a history that we will continue. We will pass down these traditions to keep Bryn Mawr the unique college we know and love.

So, class of 2016 I tip my hat to you. Congratulations, Happy Reconciliation Day, and Welcome Home.

“Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always.” Dante Algihieri

To be continued…

Change of Plans

In order to spice up our lives my friend Karina and I thought we would have a mid-week adventure courtesy of Campus Philly. Now for those who are unaware of this little gem, Campus Philly is a glorious website that caters to the needs of collegiate students and others  in the Philadelphia area that would like to spice up of their life or get a few discounts on social life necessities. Our social life necessity was an early screening of the box office hit Warm Bodies. (Did I mention it was a FREE early screening? #lovecampusphilly) I was super excited because I had just finished reading the book and ready to see the adaptation.

Zombies need love too <3

So after my class at UPenn (perks of the Bryn Mawr consortium) we decided to have a dining crusade by exploring Rittenhouse Square for a new cuisine, finally deciding on Continental, a restaurant and martini bar. After furiously scouring the 3 block radius for a parking space we were starved and ready to dive into the menu. Served in tapas style the menu ranged in all types of cuisine from asian flare to italian spin offs and lucky for us we stumbled in during restaurant week…hello meal deals!

Mesmerized by the overflowing table of ravioli, salmon platters, hummus dips, and a blonde brownie smothered in chocolate and butterscotch,  we realized the movie was about to start in 20 minutes! We hurriedly paid the check sprinted (well Karina did, me and my recovering knee speed walked) to the theater, thankfully it was only 3 blocks away. Sadly we arrived only to realize our dreams of a free early screening were crushed by the long line of other free ticket holders. We rushed to the back and our wait wasn’t long as less than 5 minutes later we were told the screening was full. So, instead of trudging back to car with sorrow filled sobs we wandered around the city exploring the neighborhood, nightlife, and stalking other theaters for future adventures.

Though it didn’t end up as spicy as we thought it would be, our mid-week adventure ended in twisted turn of events that landed us in the position to notice the quiet beauty of Philly neighborhoods and city streets. Not all adventures need to be adrenaline pumping and luxurious outings. Sometimes the best adventure is a walk in city.

To be continued…

Aca-scuse me!?!

** Correction: The original article mislabeled 2 of the acapella groups. They have been restored to the correct description**

With a freezing wind chill, dash of snow, and the madness of shopping week I offer a large and grand WELCOME BACK. After a nice long break I have to say I am so happy to be back at Bryn Mawr. Seeing all my friends from abroad reminds me how much I missed my Mawrter family. I will be posting about my winter shenanigans in a later post, but for now I want to warm everyone up with a little adventure I had last night.

In lieu of the the end of shopping week the acapella groups on campus and in the Bi-Co held a Welcome Back performance last night. It was Aca-mazing to say the least. The Campus Center was packed with eager ears waiting to hear the sweet sounds of the beatboxing and melodic voices. Here is a breakdown of the performances:

Counterpoint– Made up of Bryn Mawr and Haverford students this group sings all types of genres from Top 40 hits to folk songs primarily in jazz, rock, gospel, soul, and R&B.

Chaverim-a tri-college, co-ed a cappella group that sings songs from many countries, including traditional folk songs, rock and popular music, and original compositions while bringing in various music from different cultures in the community.

Acabellas –Compiled of Bryn Mawr students this group sings a wide range of song, from 80′s pop to indie rock.

Lavender’s Blue– A Bryn Mawr acapella group that dedicates their melodic voices to song of the oldies.

Extreme Keys– Originally known as the Suburban Squares when they were founded in 1981, Extreme Keys is a Bi-Co all-female acapella goup known for their “Extreme, electric energy” and sing songs ranging from 70′s and disco to their current song list which is mostly Indie/Pop.

The Night Owls-Founded in 1989 they are the official acapella group of Bryn Mawr College singing  various arrangments.

Unable to make to the performances, check out the newest installment of Bryn Mawr Adventure: Acapella Edition

To be continued…

P.S I also hope you caught on to my cheesy homage to Pitch Perfect ; )

Singing…I mean…Sitting in the Rain

As everyone is gearing up for the holiday season there is a thick layer of anxiety and stress that comes along with it. I am definitely the first one to scream “AHHH I’m so stressed!” at the top of my lungs come December (or any month for that matter). Finals, packing to go home, shopping for presents, and airport security are enough to make my head explode. However, in the midst of the study sessions and crammed shopping malls there is one thing that can make me stop for a second and breath. That beautiful thing is the rain.

After running around doing errands and shopping for a class tea in between my countless study sessions and meetings I parked my car outside of Denbeigh. I turned off the ignition and before I grabbed my bag to leave I stopped and listened. The mystic combination of rain water on metal sent chills up my spine. Not the creepy “great, I’m gonna die right now” chills , but the “oooh that’s good” kind of chills. I ended up sitting quietly in my car for about 30 minutes…just …listening. If it hadn’t had been for a friend of mine texting me to remind me to pick up my other friend from the airport I probably would have sat there all day.

Having the time to sit and think made me want to remind everyone that in this time of “ugh”s and “FML”s make some time to just sit and listen to Mother Nature at her best. And if you are in a part of the world lacking rain please click and enjoy.

To be continued…

BIGBANG in New Jersey!

On November 9th I attended a historic moment in Kpop history. BIGBANG , my favorite all boy group, made their American concert debut.**insert minor fan-girl outburst**…Phew… Now that we are past that let’s dive into the good stuff.

It all began on a beautiful Friday afternoon when me and my girl Emily made the trip to the great city of Newark, New Jersey to meet our other friend Lizzy and attend history. Prepared with a bangin’ playlist of Kpop, cash for merchandise, and enough jitters and enthusiasm one can only have with a concert road trip, we were about to blaze a trail of greatness. Unfortunately our trail of greatness ended up getting stuck in gridlock for 4 and a 1/2  hours. HOWEVER, this did not deter us from having some of the most outrageous and complex conversations about the wonderful genre of Korean Pop. Ranging from what bands we love, dissecting the Korean music industry, exploring other genres, and the most complex of all…who is the hottest of course!

It was a unanimous vote for BIGBANG rapper TOP (above)

Finally after exhausting all conversation topics and a half tank of gas we finally made it to the Prudential Center. Sure we made it to the arena, but we still had the issue of my car. We weren’t able to get the permit to park in the attached structure, but there was a secure lot perfectly located across the street. As I was fumbling with my keys a deep voice that could not possibly belong to Emily came out of the darkness. It was none other than **dun dun dun** a scalper, who I’m pretty sure skimmed a few years of my life. But a concert isn’t a concert unless there are sketchy people in parking lots trying hawk fake merch and tickets. We quickly shooed him away to meet our date with destiny.

Walking into the arena we were quickly thrown into the masses trying to get as much merchandise as possible, including us. I took a quick glance around the lobby to see the different fans and before I knew it I was next in line then dragged to escalators. We finally made it to our seats which anyone  can see are obvious nose bleeders, but in the end they ended being some of the best seats in the house.

From the top the wave of the yellow VIP light sticks turned into a sea of light that moved to and fro with the beat of the music. And the funny part was that the concert hadn’t even started yet.

Me and Emily before the concert started

Now when I first started this post I thought I was going to do an all out play-by-play of hands down one of the best concerts I have had the pleasure of attending. But sadly, there are not enough words to accurately describe that night. The moment the giant stage banner dropped to reveal BIGBANG every fan’s dream was made into a reality. It is not just the idea of seeing attractive 20-somethings serenade you for 3 hours on a Friday night. For a majority of the fans in the arena, including myself, the only way to see this band was to watch videos on Youtube or listen to an mp3 player. The idea of having a Korean artist from any genre perform on American soil was unfathomable, let alone sell out 2 arenas like the Honda Center and the Prudential Center then have to add a second date for each show. With the help of the Hallyu movement and the growing popularity of these musicians through the internet and music festivals like Southern California’s annual Korean Music Festival (which just celebrated its 10th anniversary this year)and the addition of Billboard’s Kpop Hot 100, BIGBANG was able to finally meet their American fans.

They even let the crowd sing a majority of their smash hit Haru Haru

It wasn’t until the middle of BIGBANG’s set that it hit me. As I looked around the arena I saw fans of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. I saw some fans who have listened to Kpop their whole lives and those who had just heard about it because of Gangnam Style. And I even saw amazing parents who were kind enough to bring their child to the show while they quietly sat with earplugs. I am so grateful that I was able to see so many people join together not only see their favorite band play, but also share a piece of themselves with fellow fans who have calmly waited for this moment to arrive.

VIPs Unite!

Who knew Stupid Liar and Monster had such a profund effect. I can’t wait for the next one.

To be continued…


Big Cheese Forum

It’s that time of year again…Its BIG CHEESE FORUM!!

Not that kind of big cheese!

What is Big Cheese Forum you may ask? Big Cheese Forum is a meeting that happens once a year where the student body offers an invitation to various department heads to answer our burning questions about issues concerning the campus and the student body. This can be anything from health insurance to dorm renovations to changes in the meal plan.

There were a plethora of topics being discussed tonight, but the two hot topics were the obvious renovations on campus and Perry House.

One question that definitely struck a cord, especially with President McAuliffe, was the language that was used to discuss Perry House. Though I haven’t actually had the chance to experience what Perry House has to offer I have had many friends tell me in great detail what this house means to the campus. In order to regain a positive attitude towards this discussion I personally believe that it is necessary to bring in the opinion of all affinity groups on campus. With added support I think the administration will begin to turn a negative attitude to a positive one.

Another was insurance policy for the school. According to some students while undergoing a common doctor appointment they were given unwanted pregnancy tests. Dr. Kerr was present and able to answer with a shocked response. If anyone has experienced this she asks that you contact her or the health center advisory board.

Then finally the rumors of reopening Rhoads Dining Hall are false. The dining hall will not be open due to the renovations of Haffner Dorm and Dining hall in the upcoming summer.

Jmac’s closing statements to the annual cheese forum were positive comments on sga and kudos the students gathering together to show how important this campus is to us.

…On another note happy peppero day!

To be continued…

Live from TGH: Presidential Elections

9:30 pm:  November 6, 2012 is a date that will go down in history as one of the closest elections yet. I’m surrounded by Mawrters in Thomas Great Hall where, 4 years ago, the Presidential Election was once again the buzz of the nation since it was the election of our nation’s first African American President. Throughout the night I will be updating my blog since this is a night I will remember, but I’m sure what I will remember it for just yet.

9:41 pm: The emotion in the room is a combination of nerves and excitement. The close vote with the swing states is enough to give this mawrter a few ulcers. The mumble of conversations floating through the hall sort of calms me down, but it is also a reminder of the importance of this election. After starting this update I’m afraid to really say anything with the chance of jinxing the polls. I need to find an offering for Athena!!

9:42pm: OBAMA WINS PENNSYLVANIA!!! Way to go Mawrters, a well-deserved Anass for the President.

9:51pm: Technical difficulties …really!?

10:34 pm: I am so proud California!! Now let’s hope the propositions go through too.

10:56 pm: Such a close election. The air in the great hall is at a low mumble.

11:27 pm: BREAKING NEWS: CNN projects Obama wins the re-election!!! The anass rings through the air.

11:32 pm: Despite the PROJECTED win and celebration Ohio’s final votes have yet to be counted. The room once filled with excitement and cheer has now quieted. Everyone is so pensive.

November 7, 2012

12:20 am: Officially kicked out of TGH. Moving to Rhoads, but ultimately … Congratulations President Obama. Now back to the real world. Time for a celebratory cupcake.

To be continued…


This is definitely one of my favorite holidays. The costumes, candy, music atmosphere and above all the traditions. Besides drowning myself in pounds of candy I love watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Once a year (twice for The Nightmare Before Christmas) I dust off these dvds with the excitement of my 7 year old self. If you have never seen these then you are seriously missing out on some amazing cult classics.

Even if you have seen them and thought “Ehh… not really my cup of tea” I definitely recommend listening to the original poem The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. Pure Greatness!!

Happy Halloween

To be continued…

Survival of a Frankenstorm aka Hurricane Sandy

In the past 72 hours the Bryn Mawr Community has banded together to survive the Hurricane Sandy.

As a West Coaster I’m used to the average earthquake, wind and thunderstorm, and even a brush fire here and there. But the one thing I had yet to experience was a hurricane. After being sick earlier this month I had already stocked up on my cases of water, Gatorade and countless packs of snacks and canned goods. I was feeling pretty good about the whole “surviving the Frankenstorm” that people had dubbed Hurricane Sandy. It couldn’t be that bad right?

It seemed that my family had more fear about this than I did since I wasn’t watching the disaster updates on the Weather Channel. Apparently Atlantic City was now the new Atlantis and the East Coast was about to suffer the worst huricane/subtropical storm in history. You would think this would have students running for the hills (or at least the second floor), but the atmosphere in the dorms resembled a slumber party. From blow up mattresses to make-shift blanket beds these lovely ladies decided to combat Sandy’s 70mph winds and torrential downpour with flashlight clad dance parties and social circles.

On one hand the electrical fire on Morris Ave and sound of branches and trees breaking and thrashing against the windows were enough to scare anyone, yet on the other hand just open your door to the hallway filled with screams of laughter, gossip, and every non-electrical game a Bryn Mawr woman could think of. You had to think ” Why is everyone freaking out?” And after a night of, possibly, some of the best sleep I have had in a while I awoke to a simply cloudy day.

Finally I want to give a big hand to the Bryn Mawr College Staff for keeping the campus and students safe from Sandy’s wrath. Without you it would not have been such a calm atmosphere (especially for this first timer). I also hope those more heavily effected by the storm are doing okay and staying safe.

To be continued…